InterOpera Leads the Way in Real Estate Tokenisation
Will Lee
InterOpera is at the forefront of the real estate tokenisation market, providing innovative and inclusive solutions that make it easier for individual investors to access and participate in real estate investments.

In 2019, InterOpera’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Shareable Assets, pioneered the tokenisation of nine UK properties, offering the tokens to individual investors. This was the first of its kind in Singapore and opened up new possibilities for real estate investing. Additionally, InterOpera was the first company to have a mobile SaaS platform for real estate tokenisation.

Building on this success, InterOpera continued to innovate and expand its footprint. In 2021, InterOpera signed an MOU with a leading financial institution in the Philippines to offer real estate tokens via B2B2C channels. The partnership focuses on securitising and tokenising physical real estate assets for distribution to wealth clients, providing greater flexibility and expanding the liquidity base for real estate assets.

InterOpera is a trailblazer in real estate tokenisation. We help to make real estate investment more accessible and flexible to investors and create new opportunities for real estate fund-raising.

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