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Our Product Offering

InterOpera offers a white label solution to facilitate the digitalisation of traditional and emerging asset classes in the capital markets to scale your business and bridge global blockchain networks
If you're an asset issuer, our subsidiary, Shareable Assets, offers a SaaS digital tokenisation platform powered by blockchain technology to scale your business
How does it work?
InterOpera offers a full suite of products to enable the tokenisation of traditional securities or digital assets.
InterOpera Chain
Transactions are recorded on InterOpera’s proprietary blockchain, or your very own white label chain with production-ready smart contracts. The chain has interoperability built in to enable communication between chains.
InterOpera API
A backend that connects frontend applications (Admin Portal and Investor App) to the blockchain.
Admin Portal
A white label portal for platform owners to manage the tokenisation of digital assets and investor wallets.
Investor App
A white label mobile or web app for end users to take up digital assets.
Key Benefits

Manage your digital assets on the one platform

A one-stop-shop for digital asset creation, servicing and post-trade management

Improve liquidity by connecting with other participants in the capital markets

Using proprietary technology to facilitate Web2.0-to-Web3.0, and blockchain-to-blockchain interoperability

Ensure compliance with regulations

Customisable modular workflows to meet specific KYC/CDD requirements

Brand the white label solution as your own

Customisation options to complement your brand strategy and corporate identity

Explore new asset classes

Customise existing workflows for new asset classes (eg. equities, funds or collective investment schemes,  intangible assets and real estate)
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