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InterOpera Enterprise

InterOpera endows enterprises with digital infrastructure and services powered by blockchain technology to digitalise traditional and new assets in capital markets and financial services, to scale your business and bridge global networks
Product Features

Asset Tokenisation & Issuance

Issuance and Listing, with the ability to customise and fractionalise

Lifecycle Management

End-to-end lifecycle management  of digital assets - including asset servicing, automated asset distribution, investor wallet management

Inbuilt Compliance Processes

Onboarding and whitelisting protocol that is compliant with KYC, AML, CFT, ABC and CDD/EDD

Branded Digital Investment Marketplace

White-labeled digital asset investment marketplace software interface

Secondary Trading

Secondary trading of tokenised assets through order book system

Interoperable Bridging
(In Development)

When fully developed and implemented, this bridging solution serves to facilitate interactions with other marketplaces within InterOpera’s network which can potentially expand investor access, connectivity and transaction flows in a secure and regulated manner
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