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InterOpera as the regional ecosystem enabler
for business digitalisation
Establishing digital connectivity across Southeast Asia, North Asia and the MENA region
Use Case
Interoperable Blockchain Infrastructure
InterOpera is an ecosystem enabler. Through the development and implementation of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), we provide digital infrastructure to connect capital markets using our bridge-chain technology for both public and private networks. Together with our partners, we build new value chains, facilitate investor access and expand liquidity pools. 
Use Case
Capital Markets and Non-Traditional Assets/Securities
InterOpera’s end-to-end tokenisation solution allows our clients and partners to efficiently set up digital investment platforms, enabling the issuance, listing and trading of tokenised capital markets products like equities, bonds, funds or collective investment schemes and real estate without the hassle of building the entire system from scratch. Our solution allows companies to automate the lifecycle management of these digital assets.
Use Case
ESG & Green Finance
InterOpera’s suite of solutions automates real-time tracking, generation, trading and servicing of tokenised ESG-linked asset or securities, creating transparency and efficiency for ESG financing of carbon producers, investors and regulators alike. Greenwashing continues to be a challenge for ESG-linked financing despite the rising popularity of such financing options.