Embracing Digital Marketplaces for Renewable Energy Certificates

The global adoption of renewable energy is supported by Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), which incentivise clean energy production and reduce emissions. However, traditional REC trading and management processes face inefficiencies. Tokenisation and blockchain-based marketplaces help to address these challenges. This article explores the benefits of RECs, the advantages of tokenizing them, and how InterOpera's issuance engine is transforming the sector through a digital platform.

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Calvin Neo
InterOpera Leads the Way in Real Estate Tokenisation

InterOpera is at the forefront of the real estate tokenisation market, providing innovative and inclusive solutions that make it easier for individual investors to access and participate in real estate investments. With a proven track record of successful tokenisation projects, InterOpera has set new standards in this field.

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Will Lee
Pioneering Supranational Bond Tokenisation

In November 2022, InterOpera's wholly-owned subsidiary, Shareable Assets, successfully carried out a groundbreaking pilot project focused on the tokenisation of a supranational bond. The project aimed to streamline and operationalise the bond tokenisation and offer process for individual investors in Singapore, with participants accessing the bond through a user-friendly mobile SaaS solution.

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Hong Yi Koh
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