Unleash the Potential
of Digital Assets
Interoperable blockchain-based SaaS solutions to transform businesses in capital and carbon markets
Digital Asset Issuance Platform
Unlock the full potential of your digital asset business

InterOpera's Digital Asset Issuance Platform is a transformative tokenisation platform tailored for capital markets participants such as financial institutions, institutional investors, as well as green industries involved in the digitalisation and/or trading of carbon-related products.

Asset Class Agnostic

Tokenisation engine for traditional securities (equities, debentures) real estate, funds and emerging digital assets (carbon credits and renewable energy certificates)

OTC Trading Capabilities

Asset-backed tokens can be traded via the Issuance Platform together with fair price setting and automated market making capabilities.

Turnkey Solution For Every Stage
Of Your Business

A plug and play SaaS solution clients can use at any stage - be it in a regulatory sandbox, POC, pilot project, or full commercialisation

Digital Warehouse Platform
Warehouse for trusted digital asset distribution

Our third-party digital warehouse solution is designed to connect and facilitate trust between sellers, buyers, and intermediaries running on different systems, to maximise digital asset distribution.

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Asset Class Agnostic

Digital custody for traditional security tokens and emerging digital assets such as carbon credits and renewable energy

Protection of private keys

Robust security of private keys to the security tokens

Unique interchain accounts

Our unique interchain account technology allows flexible connectivity between custody and escrow accounts across different chains

Digital Highway Platform
Cross-Chain Connectivity With Full Control

Through the Digital Highway Platform, InterOpera can help financial institutions and carbon markets businesses build their own blockchain digital infrastructure. This gives them full control over governance, interoperability and distribution capabilities to build and scale their digital asset ecosystem.

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Own your blockchain
Capital markets and carbon markets are regulated markets. It is important to to be able to define the right governance mechanism and rules to fit your business objectives and regulatory requirements
Define your ecosystem strategy
With your own blockchain infrastructure you can build your own digital asset ecosystem, and connect into different markets and industries
Unleash the potential of your digital asset business
Build your business alliances, expand and deepen the liquidity pools, drive cost synergies and create new revenue models
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