Renewable Energy Certificates
Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs, represent the environmental attributes of electricity generated from renewable sources such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal. They serve as a valuable tool to promote and track the production and consumption of clean energy.
The Global Carbon Exchange
OperaX is a leading global carbon credit exchange that facilitates the trading and exchange of carbon credits. It serves as a robust platform for buyers and sellers to engage in transactions, enabling them to actively reduce their carbon emissions and contribute to global initiatives in combating climate change. Leveraging advanced technology and transparent processes, OperaX provides a secure and efficient environment for participants to engage in the carbon market. By promoting the transition towards a low-carbon economy, OperaX plays a vital role in shaping a sustainable future.
REC Registries and Local Issuers
International REC Standard
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
How are RECs and Carbon Credits different?
RECs and carbon credits are quite different by definition. RECs represent an environmental attribute from renewable energy generation, while carbon credits represent the reduction, avoidance, or removal of GHG emissions.

But they are strikingly similar as well - both can be traded in a regulated market or voluntarily, and can be used to offset carbon footprint.
Features and Benefits
Transparent Pricing
Gain access to real-time bid-offer prices, transaction data, and project information. Trade new digital assets with clarity that traditionally lacks in opaque markets.
T+0 Settlement
Our innovative settlement facility enables the settlement of carbon credits and funds on the same day, transforming the T+3 spot market into T+0. This is made possible through the utilisation of 100% asset-backed blockchain technology.
Low Transaction Costs
OperaX offers incredibly low transaction costs. Buyers trade for free, while sellers only pay a 2% transaction fee. With an Exchange membership, sellers get to benefit economies of scale and pay only 0.5% transaction fee.
Flexible Contract Sizes
There is no minimum requirement for contract sizes, allowing you to transact small volumes of without being subjected to higher transaction fees. Each transaction can be as small as a single carbon credit.
Efficient Smart Contracts
Simplify carbon credit transactions by utilising smart contracts, and eliminate the need for time-consuming paperwork during contracting and settlement. With smart contracts, the entire process becomes streamlined and hassle-free.
Ownership and Control
Intuitive interface to monitor ownership of carbon credits throughout our their entire transaction life cycle. Users can have full visibility and control over their assets, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy experience.
NeXus Core
Your Essential Multi-Asset Portfolio Management Solution
NeXus Core is an essential infrastructure solution. It is equipped with multi-asset portfolio management capabilities, allowing you to efficiently manage and control offsets and assets registered in multiple global registries. Moreover, NeXus Core offers the flexibility to incorporate additional features such as a white-label marketplace, exchange, or dedicated blockchain network as add-ons according to your specific requirements. Achieve the digital transformation of your business rapidly, effortlessly, and cost-effectively with NeXus Core.
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